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frequently asked questions


Is The Lautner a hotel?

No it is not a hotel. It operates as a vacation rental property.


Is there an office or staff on site at The Lautner?

No there is no office or staff on site to assist you. The manager is available from 9am-6pm and after hours in case of emergency.


Can you stop stop by to tour The Lautner or to look at the rental units before

 you decide to book one?

No you may not. The Lautner is closed to the non-booking public. We open our doors to the public twice a year in February and October for


Is there a public restaurant or bar at The Lautner?

No there is not. The Lautner is a Self Catering vacation rental property where guests provide their own food and beverage during their stay.


Are children allowed to stay?

We are an adult only property for ages 25+


How many people can sleep in a rental unit?

2 adults max on 1 queen size bed. The Lautner does not offer rollaway beds, does not allow sleeping on sofas and no overnight guests are allowed.


Is there a pool?

The Lautner has a communal plunge pool. It is not a pool that you can swim in and it is not a hot tub. It is a small pool that you can soak in. At any given time there are only 8 adults staying so there is never a crowd at the plunge pool.


Do you need to sign a vacation rental agreement in addition to booking online or on the phone? 

No. At time of booking you will be agreeing to the terms of our rental agreement  policies. Be sure to read our policies as no exceptions will be made to them once you have booked and your payment has been charged in full.


Do you need to provide Proof of ID in order to rent a unit?

Yes. You must submit a photo of your drivers license or passport at time of booking.  Just as you would provide your ID upon checking into a hotel or renting a car. 


Are you responsible for damaging our property or taking items that don't belong to you?

Yes. If you damage our property during your stay or take any of our property with you, whether intentional or by accident, you will be held accountable. This includes stains to our linen, towels or robes. With only 4 rental units it is extremely easy for the manager and cleaning service to be sure of damage or missing items. Charges are not disputable and will be applied to your credit card on file.


Are pets allowed?

Yes. You can bring up to 2 small dogs with your during your stay for a $50 fee. Please see our pet policy.


Is The Lautner in Palm Springs?

 No we are located on the outskirts of Desert Hot Springs. It is a 15 minute drive to downtown Palm Springs. 

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